Not all of our staff come from a background in care

We hire based on the person and their experiences, and encourage progression based on performance.

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Tiffany Spriggs

Tiffany Spriggs

Head of Service

I’d always dreamed of having a career in care, being able to make a difference to someone’s life was something that really appealed to me. Working in a café, I always knew I was good with people and wasn’t shy of hard work. However, for a long time I didn’t have the confidence to think that I could work in care with young adults with mental health and learning disabilities. In 2014, I took a leap of faith and applied for a Support Worker role at M&D Care ltd. I was so pleased when I was offered the role, and since that day I have never looked back. Having had no prior experience of working in care, I was fully supported to build the knowledge and skills needed to work in the role. The induction process was really informative, having the support of my manager and colleagues from day one built my confidence and I got the sense very quickly that I would be encouraged to develop both personally and professionally.

In 2015, while studying for my QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care, I was successful in getting a Senior Support Worker position at M&D, in this post I had exposure to both Residential and Domiciliary care. I loved the variation and the opportunities this role provided me. I began to learn and practise the principles of management; liaised with families, care teams and external professionals; I had involvement in the care planning of the people we support and gained a full understanding of what was involved in the daily operations of both a residential and domiciliary setting. This experience was invaluable and the support I received to progress in the role and develop was fantastic. M&D is excellent at developing talent, I went on to complete my QCF level 5 in Health and Social Care and in 2018 was given the opportunity to step up to cover a manager role at Granville Court which I loved. In 2019, I gained Registered Manager status, and then in 2020 I became Head of Service. When I reflect on where I started I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

The progression at M&D has been brilliant, I am sure that had I have worked for a different company, I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities. There is such a fantastic network of support at M&D, I always know there is someone I can ask for help. The Directors are fully invested in the employees and provide an enormous amount of direction and encouragement.

The rewards at M&D far outweigh any challenges that come as part of any job. It is a privilege to have a part in the lives of the people we support. Being able to see them develop new skills and build their independence makes me so proud. Seeing their happiness when they achieve new things makes me really happy and also honoured to be part of their journey. I really can’t imagine doing anything else.

Jane Jones

Jane Jones

Support Worker – Wern Road

Having worked as a Retail Manager in ladies fashion for a number of years, I’d accomplished a lot within my retail career, starting as a Sales Assistant progressing to numerous Management roles. However, despite my achievements in retail I was becoming less fulfilled. I felt like a needed a fresh challenge and was thinking about changing career. I’d thought about pursuing a career in care but wanted to make sure that the company I would join was right for me.

After doing some research, M&D Care Ltd as a prospective employer really stood to me. Their ethos and values of opening doors to positive futures and promoting independent living for young adults with mental health and learning difficulties, really appealed to me. This made up my mind to change career and embark on a journey into care.

The recruitment and induction process was informative and provided me with an excellent understanding of what is expected of a Support Worker: the legislative framework of social care, the activities I would undertake with the people we support, the types of shifts I would be expected to work, as well as the ongoing training I would receive was all covered as part of the induction.

Following the induction, I was able to get fully involved in the role straight away. The care plans are really thorough and I found these so useful in providing me with an insight and background to the person I would be supporting. My Manager is very supportive, I am able to go to her with any questions I may have. This is so important for me being new to care, having someone who is able to listen and to guide me with any queries I may have. My colleagues are also really helpful, and I have been made to feel part of the team. It’s great to be able to tap into their knowledge and know that help is always on hand, while being given the independence to develop within the role.

I am enjoying the variety of what is involved for a Support Worker, I have been lucky to have had expose to both residential and domiciliary care early on in the role. I really enjoy the diversity of the role and the rewards of supporting young adults with mental health and learning difficulties. Supporting people within their own environment and helping them achieve new things and gain independence and confidence is a real privilege. I am excited to see what opportunities will be open to me as I gain the experience and understanding of the sector. I am looking forward to undertaking my QCF level 2 in Health and Social Care and gaining a qualification that is relevant to the role while working.

I’ve surprised myself at how transferable the skills I developed in retail have been to care. I enjoyed my time in retail but working in care is so varied and fulfilling I’m so glad I made the change!

Rosalind Williams

Rosalind Williams

Support Worker – Llys Penpant

I started working for M&D Care Ltd nine years ago as a Support Worker, it was the first time I’d ever worked in care. When I applied for M&D Care I was unemployed, having worked for 25 years’ in a local factory which had gone in to liquidation and had to close. I was having lunch with my friend in a local pub, I spotted a group of people on a table close to us who looked like they were Support Workers having lunch with people they were supporting. I always remember saying to my friend ‘I can could do that job!’ I contacted M&D Care and was invited for an interview, to my delight I was offered the role and within 10 days my employment clearances and DBS check had come through and I was starting a new chapter in my career as a Support Worker.

I absolutely love being a Support Worker, I really do enjoy my job. It is such a privilege to be able to make a difference to someone’s life; watching them grow in confidence and independence. The variety of the role is fantastic and every day is different; from providing individuals to be able to cook and clean for themselves, to taking them to different activities within the community such as kickboxing and choir, to assisting them on holiday. Being able to provide support for someone to have a full and active life fills me with such pride. It is important to give the people we support encouragement to undertake tasks they didn’t think they could do, such as cooking a meal, actively supporting them promotes their independence and gives them a fantastic sense of achievement.

Having worked for M&D Care since 2010, I have seen M&D Care’s growth and development as an organisation. The company has introduced new services such as domiciliary care, as well as adding new residential homes and supported living services. M&D Care Ltd have always supported me in my role, I have achieved my QCF level 2 in Health and Social Care. The Managers are incredibly supportive and are always there to help and talk things through. During my time at M&D Care I have had the opportunity to work within all of the service areas, this has been great as it’s built upon my knowledge and experience of working with individuals with mental health and learning difficulties in a range of different settings.

Since joining M&D Care I have never looked back, my only regret is that I didn’t start working in care sooner!

Suzie Rogers

Suzie Rogers

Commercial Manager – Head Office

I joined M&D Care Ltd in 2015 as a Support Worker. After 23 years of working in the food retail industry, I had decided to try something completely different. I worked for two well-known national supermarket chains, progressing from checkout operator to Duty Manger, to Assistant Deputy Manager. I was established in my role, knew the food retail industry inside out and had achieved a lot during my retail career, but I really felt like it was time to try something different. I felt that there was more to working life than having to worry about how to display tins of beans.

I was recommended by a friend who worked for M&D Care at the time, I was so pleased when I had the phone call to say that my interview had been successful and I was excited to start my new role in care. I felt instantly welcomed into the team and felt an immense amount of support from the very start. It was so refreshing to be able to interact with the Directors; I really felt a sense for their passion for the people we support as well as their investment in their employees.

I loved working in the Western Bay domiciliary service; it gave me exposure to so many different people within the community who needed a range of support for mental health and learning difficulties. There was a structured training program in place that supported the everyday tasks and activities I was undertaking. Completing my QCF level 3 in Health and Social Care also provided me with the background knowledge and reflective practises to undertake my role effectively.

Domiciliary care by nature can be quite complex and has its own challenges of independent working, however, I was thoroughly supported and empowered to be able to make decisions safely and provide the highest quality of care. As the company grew, I was given the opportunity to become a Senior Support Worker and ran my own team, the management skills from retail were highly transferable to this role and I quickly progressed to Regional Manager within the domiciliary service. The environment is fast paced, varied and at times pressured, but it is so enjoyable to be part of a team who help, support and learn from each other. Being able to make a difference to the lives of the people we support is such a fantastic honour. It is a great feeling facilitating independence and instilling confidence in someone. You really get to see first-hand how the support we provide can make a difference to the quality of someone’s life.

About a year ago, I was successful in obtaining the Commercial Manager role at Head Office, I love this role. It is so varied and I have exposure to multiple parts of the business as well as supporting the Finance team, I support the board of Directors. I am involved in costings, contracts, billings and analysis of rota and run support. I liaise directly with a number of external stakeholders and everyday really is different. Having a background in retail management has married well with the knowledge and experience I gained working in care to undertake the role of Commercial Manager.

However, what has always stood out to me is that M&D Care, really do care. It is such a supportive environment to work in. The Directors care about their staff and they develop their strengths, I have been given many opportunities to evolve and develop a career in a new area. I have always felt fully supported in every role I have undertaken. There is a culture of openness and transparency where talents are recognised and developed. I always work hard and give my all to what I do; it is a nice feeling to know that this is appreciated. Since starting with M&D I have never looked back – I can’t imagine being anywhere else!