Emergency Admissions

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Here at M&D Care, we understand that sometimes support needs can change very quickly. As an organisation, we are able to streamline the admissions process to ensure that a person in need is able to receive the best quality care – quickly – without compromising on quality.  We have a lot of experience in adjusting our policies at short notice.

It may be that you, a loved one, or a person you support, needs to be moved into supported accommodation quickly. We have a number of locations where this is possible; we are also able to provide more long term care once a period of stability has been achieved. There are many reasons why an emergency admission may be required; if you are making an emergency referral, please have as much information to hand as possible, to ensure we have everything we need to accept an admission. 

What happens if you, your loved one, or the person you support, requires emergency care ?

A member of our team will a take some details from you and organise to meet you in a place of your choosing. We will tell you almost immediately if we may be able to provide accommodation or support. From there, we will give you a full outline of costs to help you with funding. We will also support you to figure out what you, your loved one, or person you support will need for the emergency process.

Our staff are accustomed to providing care at short notice, and we have a variety of services available, which allows us to find the best accommodation for you, your loved one, or person you support.