Ynystawe Lodge

Ynystawe Lodge is a new facility specific for learning disability and behaviours that challenge.

It is the culmination of all the change and understanding that has occurred within modernised care, which has resulted in a twofold requirement for buildings; firstly, that they are safe, secure environments and secondly, they are able to manage the risks of individuals who have impulsive behaviours which affects their choice - making capacity.

Care should be less about least restrictive practice and more about finding creative ways to work with people. Buildings should be able to reflect that ethos, changing around the person not simply the person fitting into the building.

The annex type facility also known as the flats allows for independent living within a dependant environment. A great deal of reflection has gone into using assisstive technology and understanding the sensory requirements of people in order to make the environment compatible with their needs. It’s a home within a home that allows family the opportunity to visit and see their families within an environment that they would aspire for them to live in. This is a proud moment for M&D Care. By providing this service to the people of Wales we hope that this facility will bring individuals, who are currently placed far away from families in various parts of the U.K, back home to Wales. We recognise that this won’t be for everyone. However, we hope that for some we will be able to provide a facility that is able to strengthen their family ties and their own cultural beings by being home.
Michelle Martin
Company Developments Director

Ynystawe Lodge, Park Road, Swansea, SA6 5AP

01554 526041

Joe Rosser

Swansea City and County Council

* We will consider out of county placements

Adults, Mental Health, Complex Learning Disabilities, ASD, Challenging Behaviour

10 single rooms

Near Public Transport links • Access to shared car • Own bathrooms • Phone Point in own room • Television point in own room • Residents Internet Access • GP surgery nearby • Adaptable facilities to meet specific needs • Communal spaces

About Ynystawe Lodge

Complex Needs Support

Ynystawe Lodge is our newest placement and has been specifically designed to offer enhanced accommodation for behaviours that challenge, where there is a primary diagnosis, brain injury, autism and where mental health challenges has become part of the complex need of the individual.

Ynystawe Lodge was developed and commissioned in response to the identified need of providing support to those who require an environment that has the ability to change around their specific needs, rather than the person needing to fit “into the space”. 

We at M&D Care believe that all people within services should have equal opportunity and receive support in an environment that meets their needs. Ynystawe will be housed with a full team of relevant behavioural practitioners and there will be interventions and supervisions with our onsite behaviourist and positive behavioural interventionists.

Accommodation Specification

Ynystawe provides accommodation to 10 residents within two placements on the Ynystawe site. One complex of five and another complex of five. Ynystawe provides adaptable annex model of care with separate living environments (separate bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and secure separate garden). Ynystawe provides communal living and facilities specific to high-risk environmental need, and is able to provide assistive technology if required. We can adapt the property to meet resident’s needs, and have in place the appropriate organisational structure to support complex needs. 

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