Person-Centred Planning

For M&D Care this means placing the person at the centre of care not the service. This also means that the service must fit the person.

This belief is demonstrated in all aspects of our care; from the accommodation we provide, to the staff that we consider to provide care. And finally, the interventions we use.

In its simplest form, we believe that each individual is unique and therefore the more we understand the individual the more we understand their unique needs.

How do we carry out person-centred care at M&D Care?

We do this by teaching, supporting, assessing and auditing our staff and service around the following attitudes:

Our pledge is:

We will uphold to treat each individual with respect, dignity, empathy and be realistic in our goals.

Where we make mistakes, we will apologise and learn from our mistakes.

Our pledge is evidenced through our interventions being:

The interventions we use are: