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Commitment to technology

I firmly believe in a progressive and dynamic organisation that fosters and leads innovation, embraces technology and is committed to continuous development and improvement. We work collaboratively with our customers to provide a safe, quality and personal service.

As a board, we lead a future ready company that is transparent and accountable. Results are key to us and we are committed to progress through performance indicators and metrics. We are purposeful in the way we manage our client information, and we ensure that we only collect and share what is necessary for our duties. I am committed to lawfulness, fairness and transparency in line with regulators.

Michael Bevan

Director of Operations & R.I

M&D Care is an organisation committed to innovative and modern approaches to service delivery in both our accommodation based and our community based services.

Since 2008, the service has developed modern systems and Information Communication Technology infrastructures and embedded these into the anatomy of the organisation. In 2009, we made a commitment to function as a paperless service, and introduced a Terminal Server into the Business.

We continue our drive towards a modern and a future proof organisation. As a social care provider, we consider technology to be a vital part of overcoming barriers in communication particularly with a mobile workforce, and significantly in rural areas. Technology and communication tools are also used in information flows between persons we support, family members, professionals and commissioners.

we use technology to ensure:

  • The most up-to-date information is in place and available in real time for the right people, at the right moment to assist in the delivery of a more transparent and personal care package
  • To improve practices and ensure that vital information is captured and shared efficiently with secure software solutions, reducing the admin time, maximising support time and adding value to the service delivery. Solutions have a huge part to play in improving the quality and personal aspect of care
  • To capture and compare Quantitative and Qualitative data flows, and share best practices with departments, and stakeholders
  • To improve quality, efficiency and overall customer experience
  • To safeguard the processes of data collection, storage, data use, and data sharing, ensuring data processes are robust and lawful and mitigate any associated risks
  • To manage data flows by sharing information with the right persons at the right time

M&D Care have robust controls in place to manage Cyber Security and storage of customer information under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) focusing on safe and secure data flow and storage.

In 2018, M&D Care upgraded our Terminal Server to support the businesses growth and increase security and resilience. The technical infrastructure has software, which records, tracks and monitors use of the system. 

In each of our work locations, M&D Care uses DrayTek routers for provision of business-grade VPN, Firewall, Content Filtering and Bandwidth management. M&D Care also uses a corporate licence with Egress, which enables a secure transfer of emails and documents to Secure and non-secure email addresses.

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