Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It doesn’t matter about your background, if you want to support people then we have a job for you. You do not need any qualifications or previous work experience, what’s really important is your values and attitude towards working with people who need care and support.

Whether you have worked in hospitality, a factory, an office, a shop or have served in the armed forces, it doesn’t matter, we can offer you a new opportunity, with full training provided, that not only will change your career journey, but will also have a positive impact on someone else’s life. All you need is the passion, enthusiasm and commitment to make a difference.

At M&D Care, we provide the relevant training and will support you to develop your understanding of clinical issues and create your own career pathway, ensuring that you feel confident in all aspects of the role. You will take part in a comprehensive induction program before you start the role and receive further training as you develop in your role. Our management structure means that you are fully supported to gain the skills and knowledge required to undertake the role.

We’re currently hiring Support Workers with roles available specifically for people looking to start their career in social care. You can apply online here, where you’ll also find a detailed job description, along with information about training and benefits.

We are an established care provider delivering Residential, Supported Living and Domiciliary Care to people with Mental Health and or Learning Disabilities. We pride ourselves on providing a high standard of person-centred services, in order to achieve a fundamental and lasting improvement in quality of life for people requiring support. We offer extensive access to training and development, have a fully supportive management structure, offer excellent facilities both with our residential homes and at head office and are committed to growing talent from within. We have a range of exciting opportunities for anyone who wishes to take the next step in their career in care.

Your candidate experience with us matters. We have a dedicated Recruitment Manager who is a specialist in recruiting candidates new to and experienced in care. The recruitment process has been designed to give you the opportunity to understand M&D Care and for us to get to know you better. We are quick to respond to all recruitment enquiries and can offer flexibility around interview times and attendance. The recruitment process is open and transparent and you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from our management team who are keen to hear about your skills, experience and what you can bring to the role. The application process is easy – you can complete an application form online and upload your CV. Once we have processed your application, we will be in contact with you to arrange an interview.

If you still have some questions you would like answered before making an application, submit your interest via our online enquiry form and we will call you back to talk you through the process.

You are only a few clicks away from your career in care!

All applications are treated in the strictest confidence by our professional recruitment team.

Yes, once you successfully pass interview you will be invited to attend a one-day* induction. During this time you will learn the basic knowledge you need to start your journey as a support worker. You will also receive an introduction into Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support. From there, you will be asked to complete ‘shadow shifts’, these will allow you to receive a secondary ‘introduction to service’ with an experienced mentor.

*We have shortened our induction programme from 5 days down to 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yes, the five-day* induction is just the beginning of your training. You will receive PBM training, PBS training and delivering dignified personal care – a comprehensive online training package. You will receive support to complete the new AWIF national induction framework and QCF level two certificate, with the option to complete your QCF level 3 if you want to. We then offer team specific training such as P.E.G. feeding, managing self-harm, attachment theory etc.

*We have shortened our induction programme from 5 days down to 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The induction is written and delivered by staff working within M&D Care; it is tailored to working within M&D Care to ensure you have the basic knowledge to guide you in the early parts of your career as a support worker. We additionally offer you the ability to complete the AWIF national induction framework to further improve your knowledge.

M&D Care is 24 hour service, providing support for 365 days a year. This means there is an expectation to work days and nights, weekends and bank holidays, as the service requires. We will work with you around work-life balance and where possible accommodate your needs; however, the needs of the people we support are the most important part of the service delivery.

Our full-time staff are contracted to 37.5 hours per week. The majority of the current shift patterns are 12 hour shifts, depending on placement. However, we do our very best to accommodate people who may have difficulties or prior commitments. You will have access to work overtime shifts should you wish to undertake additional hours (in line with the working time directive opt out).

We have a monthly rota system in place so that you are able to plan for your month ahead. However, there can be unforeseen or urgent circumstances that mean the rota could change. We try to keep alterations to a minimum, and any changes are communicated as soon as possible.

At M&D, we appreciate some of our staff need the flexibility of part-time hours and offer contracts of 22.5 hours per week. You will be allocated with two shifts per week, which includes one week day shift and one weekend shift.

Once you have been offered a position at M&D Care, we will begin our pre-employment checks. You will be kept up-to-date at each stage in the process. We will need two references from your past or current employer (don’t worry if you’ve been out of work for a while, we will work with you, around your references), a satisfactory enhanced DBS check (paid for by us), right to work check, verification of you driving licence and your qualifications.

We aim to have these checks in place as quickly as possible. You will also be booked on to one of our inductions to make sure everything is in place for you to start your employment journey with us.

You will be part of a mobile workforce and will have the opportunity during your employment to work at multiple locations. However, we aim to place employees as close to their own home location as possible. This helps limit your travel time to and from work.

We require all new staff members to possess a driving license, or to be working towards gaining a full license. Driving requirements will be discussed with you during the recruitment process.

Absolutely – at M&D Care, we are fully invested in the development of our employees. You will receive excellent support to transfer your study to your new role at M&D Care.

We will support you to do a QCF in Health and Social Care. If you haven’t studied for a while you will receive lots of support and guidance to complete the qualification. You will be assigned to a QCF assessor who will outline the course and guide you through each section. You will of course be supported by your line manager, who will have regular discussions with you about your progress. We have a commitment to ensure all of our staff have the right level and knowledge and skills to complete their roles properly. By obtaining a qualification relating to the job you are doing you will have a better insight and be equipped to deal with the variety and challenges of the role. It also gives confidence to the families and care professionals of the people we support that they are being cared for in the best possible way. QCF qualifications are offered at different academic levels. If you don’t have a qualification in care and are nervous about returning to study, a level 2 qualification will start to build your knowledge at a rate that is achievable. We promote continuous professional development and you will be supported to continue through the QCF levels. The level of qualification that you have is also linked to rates of pay and other staff benefits.

All domiciliary care workers are now required to be registered with Social Care Wales. For residential care workers mandatory registration will be in force from October 2022. Social care workers must register within 12 months of starting in post.

This registration is mandatory and this register is in order to professionalise the work force, ensure standards of education, provide an opportunity for measuring attitude and standards and to afford the general public with the confidence that the right people are providing care.

There is a cost to the registration and a process to be registered. M&D Care are committed to this and as such, we will pay the cost of the registration and support you through the process. 

We currently pay sleep shifts at the national living wage rate. If you have your QCF level 3 qualification in Health and Social Care or work in a Senior Support Worker role you will be paid at the sleep rate for a sleep shift.

Absolutely, we take the development of our staff very seriously. We have culture of nurturing talent and growing this from within. Due to the company’s grown and our continued plans for expansion mean that we are able to offer opportunities for Senior Support Worker roles, Trainee Managers as well as Deputy and Registered Manager roles.

For a list of our current vacancies, please click here.

Our testimonials are an excellent showcase of how M&D Care has nurtured its home grown talent and championed staff to develop through the company. Click here to read more.

We take the education of our staff very seriously. At M&D Care, we understand the importance and power of learning to develop your skills and knowledge for your role. Continued learning is important for professional as well as personal development and we are fully supportive of all staff completing their QCF qualifications.

Through regular supervisions with your Manager, we will look to develop a comprehensive training programme around your particular skills and abilities, and look to nurture you into the area you are best at. These areas could include PBS, PBM, QCF Level 4, QCF Level 5, or more diverse roles within the company such as administration, finance, maintenance, website development and others.

  • Early access to a proportion of monthly earnings for hourly workers
  • Yearly performance and attendance related bonus scheme
  • Refer a Friend bonus (earn up to £200)
  • Free DBS check
  • Employee health and wellbeing scheme for staff with more than one years’ service (Simplyhealth)
  • Career progression and in-depth training
  • Double time for festive bank holidays
  • 28 days holiday including bank holidays (pro rata for part-time)
  • Domiciliary Care support workers are paid for full shift worked, including down-time between calls and travel time between homes