Croft House

89, Queen Victoria Road, Llanelli, SA15 2TR

01554 526051

Sion Page

Carmarthenshire County Council

* We will consider out of county placements

Adults, Mental Health, Complex Learning Disabilities, ASD, Challenging Behaviour

7 flats containing 12 single rooms

Near Public Transport • Access to shared car • Ground floor and upper level accommodation • Smoking area on-site • Own bathrooms • Phone Point in own room • Television point in own room • Residents Internet Access • Two GP surgeries nearby

About Croft House

Croft House is comprised of seven self-contained flats, four being shared and three individually occupied. All of the flats incorporate a kitchen and residents have access to their own bathrooms. Six of the flats also include a lounge area. The home features a large communal lounge and an outdoor seating area; the lounge is used to host a variety of activities, including game days, crafts sessions and movie nights, as well as hosting a communal breakfast and evening meal daily. Croft House is staffed 24 hours of the day, with an office located directly behind the building and easily accessible to the residents.

Croft House is conveniently located along the M4 corridor, in Llanelli town centre, and within walking distance of all local amenities. Both the bus and train stations are within walking distance, providing good transportation to surrounding areas. Despite its central location, it is also closely located to the beach with access to the ‘Millennium Coastal Path’, a cycle path that follows the coastline, offering exceptional views of the Gower.

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