Active Support

Its history lies within the Learning Disabilities services; however, there is now an increased focus on mental health. We believe it lends itself to the whole myriad of life events that challenge us all. It ensures that the people we support, even those with the most significant disabilities, have ongoing, daily support to be engaged in a variety of daily activities and opportunities of their choice.

M&D Care believes that Active Support is a powerful tool to enable people with learning disabilities and other challenges to live their lives. It empowers and motivates, changing the focus of support from caring for, to supporting and working with. Active Support underpins all areas of health and social care due to it being person-centred.

We are committed to following through the rights of all the people we support to live ordinary lives and that our role is to support, guide, mentor, encourage, teach, motivate and develop creative ways to encourage and maintain independence. Where that is not possible, we will look for any area that is possible to maintain dignity and choice.

How is Active Support implemented, assessed and managed by M&D Care?

We have embarked on a whole scale teaching, assessing, supervision and auditing of Active Support within each of our homes and our community services. This has not been an easy process. Stage one of the company wide implementation change began in April 2019. This has involved:

Staff are feeding back that it is enhancing their work experience and helping them understand why they do what they do.

Feedback from our people we support is that they feel listened to and understood, some stating for the first time.

With such clear positive results, we will continue to implement and review Active Support over the whole company for the next two years.