M&D Care

Our Values

opening doors to positive futures

“Our aim has always been to promote maximum independence and community integration within safe, nurturing environments. We believe in the potential of everyone and the enablement of working towards goals, and aspirations in life however big or small these may be. We understand that diagnosis is not a barrier and the most important part of our service is empowering people to face their individual challenges and providing support to enable them to become more independent”.

Since its inception, M&D Care has been a business that lives by family values. Our values have been co-produced with our employees and the people we support, making them more memorable and meaningful. We believe that these values and supporting reflective statements have an emotional and powerful meaning behind them, as these are the actual words of the people closest to our services.

Our values are the guiding light that shows people how to act in our working environment. We believe that our organisation’s values are emotional concepts and only live if they have meaning to everyone and are integral to the way we think and conduct ourselves.

Our Commitment

“We will recognise and celebrate staff who are demonstrating our values on a daily basis. We will also extend our values to our relationships external to M&D Care. We will work openly, honestly and collaboratively with commissioners, care teams and our regulators. We will communicate clearly and responsively to ensure good collaboration. We will be adaptable and innovative in our response to commissioning needs and any challenges we face. We will work hard to develop partnership working with families. We will also bring our passion and ideas to community projects”.

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