M&D Care

Our Values

opening doors to positive futures

Our mission statement tells you that we see the future as the most important aspect of our work. Working towards goals and aspirations are the most important part of our belief for the people we support.

Our core values are:

    • We are flexible, resourceful and creative, with a positive ‘can do’ attitude.
    • We are trustworthy, reliable, enthusiastic, motivated, dynamic, passionate and committed to doing our best for each other.
    • We are compassionate in our care and support for each other, so that we can enable and empower each other to be the best that we can be.
    • We value and respect, but are also accountable to, each other.
    • We are empathic, able to understand and share the feelings of others.
    • We are open and honest, handling difficult conversations with the sensitivity that they deserve.
    • Where we get it wrong, we say sorry and we learn by our mistakes and do better.
    • We have a tolerant approach towards and are open about our mistakes, seeing these as opportunities to learn and grow.

We believe that having a strong set of core values is vital and we use these values to:

1. Recruit people with compatible personal values

In this way, people can see what we believe in and whether these values are aligned with their own. As a result, we will recruit people who will be far more motivated & committed to the success of M&D Care and its goals.

2. Communicate the values day-to-day

We do this by drawing attention to them consistently in meetings, training events, one-to-ones etc. Also, through discussions about what the values mean in practice – sharing examples of when they or other people have demonstrated them.

3. Use values to manage performance

We review, appraise and assess staff performance against the values – to what extent have people demonstrated, shared and improved them.

4. Train people to develop the values

We provide development opportunities in our company values in this way to enable our support staff to develop their skills and knowledge. We do activities such as coaching, mentoring, facilitated discussions, work-shadowing, etc.

These are all ways in which people can develop more of an understanding and a commitment to demonstrating our values in their job role.

5. Recognise and reward successes!

We reinforce our values by acknowledging our positive behaviours in some way – for example, rewarding great examples of putting values into practice, or ways that people have helped develop the values in others (such as sharing ways to demonstrate them, or coming up with new ways to communicate them.)

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