Head Office

Our head office is located in the town of Llangennech; it is the hub of our organisation and plays a central role in everything that we do. Staff and the people we support actively use our facilities and we are extremely proud of this.

We believe that the people we support should have access to a variety of activities and have access to equal opportunities. For this reason, we regularly hold events and parties, which allow the people we support to meet and practice the skills of socialising with others in a safe environment.

We have a number of meeting and training rooms available, which we use to accommodate team meetings, care team visits, MDT meetings and smaller training groups. We have held a number of training sessions here including learning disability awareness, epilepsy, medication administration and case formulations.

Our office has two large boardrooms and a number of smaller meeting rooms, which are also utilised for interviewing.

Visitors will gain access to the building via the main entrance, through an automatic door. You will then be required to sign in on an electronic device and will be allowed access into the main building from our receptionist.


Weekly Sessions

Every Monday, we hold arts and crafts sessions for the people we support. These sessions encourage people to get creative, as well as promoting social inclusion and increasing confidence. Individuals, who attend, have their creations displayed throughout the building, or they can choose to take their work home.

I’m Debbie, I take the weekly Art Class held at M&D Care’s Head Office. I’m a fully qualified teacher with a background in Primary School teaching. I then went on to specialise in Adult Education, for people with mental health and learning difficulties.

Three years ago in liaison with Paul Ridd’s family members, I set up the Paul Ridd Foundation. The Paul Ridd Foundation has been created to support people with a learning disability and their families and carers when needing secondary health care. The charity aims to make a difference for people with a learning disability by raising general awareness of the issues they face when accessing good health care.

My work with the Paul Ridd Foundation took me into the area of Disability Champion Training and this is how my relationship with M&D Care began. I attended Head Officer to deliver the training to M&D Care’s employees. The weekly Art Class for people M&D Care support evolved out of a conversation with the Head of Service for Domiciliary Care, about my teaching background.

In September 2018, we held the first session and we haven’t looked back since. It is a fantastic creative outlet for the people we support both within the residential and domiciliary services. The art work is proudly displayed at Head Office. Aside from the individuals having an opportunity to express themselves artistically, it is an excellent space for social interaction and support. It’s a good place to get rid of any black clouds.
Debbie Shawe
Art Class Tutor

Meet and great for our excursions

We are proud of our efforts to integrate our community support people, with our residential support people; offering the opportunity to develop friendships, as well as our residential people seeing the possibility of living in the community. We regularly run trips and excursions and events to bring them together such as Folly Farm, Christmas Balls, Summer BBQs etc.



When you arrive, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist. For security reasons you will need to be buzzed in. We use an electronic sign in system, which captures a photo of you as well as some basic details.


There is a kitchen located on the ground floor; this allows for staff and visitors to prepare refreshments. We also use this this space to prepare meals when required.

Interview Room

We have two interview rooms, these are used for interviewing new staff candidates and provide private spaces for discussions which may be confidential.


This is a small room decorated in a more homely fashion (sofas and chairs). This doubles as an interview room and a space for discussions, or meetings.

Board Room

This is located in a more secure area upstairs, this allows for additional privacy. This can be utilised as a training room if required.

Inspire Suite

This is our activities room where our weekly classes are held. This space is the central hub of the organisation.

Purpose Built Training Room

We are in the final stages of building our purpose built training hall. This will be a fully modernised area, which will allow us to deliver PBM and manual handling training in-house. This space will also be used to deliver a variety of other training sessions and team meetings.

Small Board Room

This room can be utilised for meetings, training and private discussions.

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Unit 25 Stradey Business Park, Llangennech, SA14 8YP