How do I gain satisfaction or success from what we do here at M&D Care? It’s from tapping into my core value which is seeing the people we support venturing on a new quality of life, where success is each step of an individual journey into more independent living.
Steffan Bowen
Managing Director
We recognise that the steps of the journey reflected here will be different for every person we support. However for M&D Care each step towards discharge is a success. We understand that for some people it may take a longer time while for others a shorter time. We also understand that for some it will require more of the interventions detailed here while others will only require a few. What is important for M&D Care is to walk with the person each step of the journey until maybe one day, in some cases, the person we support no longer needs us and enjoys full independent living.

This would be a measure of our success.
Michelle Martin
Clinical Director

The Journey

Pre-admission assessment

Agreement to placement

Pre-admission visit


Assessment of needs over 12 weeks

Development of the person centred care plan

Implementation of active support and on-going assessment

Behaviours That Challenge

Evidence of intervention above PCP and active support

Assessment of behaviours that challenge behaviourally

Development and implementation of Positive Behaviour Support Plan

Development and implementation of Positive Behaviour Management Plan

Reduction of Behaviours Means Opportunity For Growth And Change

Return to initial plans

Consideration for further reduction in restrictive practice

Creative placement review

Less restriction in current placement ➾ Movement to less restrictive home environment ➾Discharge from service