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What we Do

M&D Care started its life within the field of mental health and forensic care, this entails understanding communication and the working mind of people who see life in a different way. Early on it became clear that these skills of being able to carefully – with the person – understand their internal world and how they communicate lent itself to working with Asperger’s and Autism. Our metamorphosis into learning disability took a great deal of careful planning around skills development, knowledge and the application of systems that allows for the rigid planning but creative understanding and practical application. We transformed, whilst maintaining our core belief of communication being the key to all interactions, understanding the personal internal world of the person we support and not diagnosis. We work by building for each person a plan that is theirs, with staff who are taught what they need to know and not the scatter gun teaching of knowledge that is `fit for all`. Our staff have embraced each change with motivation, energy and understanding; this is what makes each and every one of them unique. This in turn makes the care of each person we support personal to them. We hold the ethos “diagnosis is not a barrier”.

Michelle Martin

Clinical Director

We are a family led business and have been an established care provider since 2008.

We pride ourselves on providing specialist care and bespoke services.

We believe that diagnosis is not a barrier and we always work towards training staff to build knowledge of a person’s needs, develop person-centred, outcome-based care plans and promote holistic development. We at M&D Care aim to support people to maximise their own potential with bespoke care planning, which involves the individual, support staff, key-workers, families & other professionals involved.

We aim to offer a high standard of service, to make a fundamental and lasting improvement in quality of life for individuals requiring support. We believe that everyone has the right to live their life the way they wish. We are led by a Clinical Director that has over 35 years’ experience, as well as being supported by a variety of professionals – this experience has enabled the company to ensure that the care we give is person-centred.

At M&D Care, we have a wide variety of accommodations, which allows us to not only support a multitude of needs; it lets us continue to support you, your loved one or the person you support, as their care needs change. We are able to offer support to individuals over the age of 18. Our goal as an organisation is to help the people we support achieve their goals and learn the skills to live as independently as possible. In addition to our extensive experience in managing complex mental health conditions and learning disabilities, we are confident that we will find the service that works for you. We have found that throughout our 10 years’ operating we have been able to safely and successfully support persons who may not otherwise have been considered to live in the community. We encourage you to contact us to see what we have available for you, your loved one or the person you support.

As an experienced care provider, we understand that individuals living with a severe mental illness can at times lead to offending behaviour. At M&D Care, we have provided many placements for people discharged from medium secure hospitals, under a section 37/41 of the mental health act. We provide individuals with the support they require, rather than continuing their pathway through the criminal justice system. 

  • Learning disabilities care
  • Complex mental health care
  • Physical disabilities care
  • Manual handling and personal care
  • Emergency/respite care

Communal Home

This setting is typically residential, and individuals will have access to a bedroom and en-suite facilities. There will be large comfortable shared spaces, which will often include outdoor a space. We are also able to offer annex-based accommodation, with the people we support having access to their own, or shared living room, bedroom and bathroom, alongside communal spaces.

Flat Model

Our model is in place in both the residential and supported living services. We believe that requiring a high level of support should not be a barrier for living independently.
Many of our accommodations allow the people we support to have their own or shared flats; these typically consist of a private bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Each of the locations have additional communal spaces. The advantage to this particular model is that encourages independence and community living, with access to staff when needed. Many of our flats can be adapted to suit person’s individual needs.

Community Living / Domiciliary Care

Through our domiciliary care service, we can provide support to individuals within their own homes. Our domiciliary care staff are experienced in supporting individuals who display significant challenging behaviour. We specialise in complex cases and are equipped to help with cases where there have been barriers to providing care. We are able to be flexible in our approach and work with you to develop a package of care that works for you. We have an abundance of experience in managing complex cases, including those who struggle with engagement and the refusal of support.

Adapted Settings

A new home we are opening later in the year will provide a more secure residential setting for the people we support with very high support needs, and will be based on our flat model of care. This will include persons with complex brain injury, autism, learning disabilities, dual-diagnosis, epilepsy and physical needs.

Respite and Emergency Care

We understand that emergency accommodation necessary at times, and it is for this reason that we are able to provide emergency and respite care. We are experienced in providing flexible care at short notice.

A community of friends

We at M&D Care believe in positive social interaction for individuals in our service to develop and maintain friendships as well as learning vital skills for life. To achieve this, we have begun implementing the Active Support model to increase activities for engagement and participation of all the people we support. Not only does Active Support help plan the daily lives and activities of staff and the people we support but it also provides opportunities to develop daily living skills.

Each residential home draws up a personalised list of activities that are important to the person we support. Additionally, the homes also offer a variety of weekly activities that are available to all residents, from eating out, to community events such as visits to Oakwood or Pembrey Country Park. Furthermore, our company Head Office is prepared to host networking events for our residents as well as specially chosen classes aiming to increase self-esteem and social inclusion. These include Arts & Craft sessions, Cookery Classes, Book Clubs, Zumba Classes, Clay Sculpting and Music Classes.

Finally, we at M&D Care believe in organising events for our residents to display their talents or skills. These have previously included Christmas and Halloween parties and resident talent shows. All the above combat loneliness and exclusion and improve engagement and quality of life for all.

Our Strengths

We set a 1-hour minimum call time of dedicated support, across all of our services. We also offer an introductions service, which allows the people that we support to meet staff before they begin receiving support.

We use small core staff teams to help develop good relationships with the people we support across all of our services. We aim to slightly over staff our organisation, as this allows us to minimise the use of agency staff. We have not used agency staff since 2009. Our staff are trained to work across all services, thus allowing flexibility in staffing.

We offer a multitude of services, which allows us to tailor the support package to suit your needs, as well as grow with you, your loved one or the person you support. We can also adapt fixtures and fittings of our accommodation to meet varying requirements. Furthermore, we are able to accommodate ground floor locations, rural locations, close to amenity locations, large homes, smaller homes and single occupancy.

Many of our directors, and managers at all levels began their careers as support workers within the organisation, which makes them uniquely experienced. The senior staff managers and company directors are hands on and active across the departments and services.

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