M&D Care see co production as being the mainstay of belonging and strive hard to ensure that wherever our services are the people we support feel part of the community they live in. its our responsibility to also help the community understand that difference is not something to be afraid of rather to embrace and enjoy. This means that where ever we can we `help out` whether this is coffee mornings for charity , dog walking, raising money for charities, or inviting the general public (neighbours) over for events in the homes.

Over the years it has been a privilege to work with a variety of local groups and businesses. These relationships are hugely important to us and we look forward to continuing to our development within the local business community.

We also see that our internal community is our people we support in their own homes, the supported environments or the care homes , this means that we regularly organise events that bring them together so that they can develop friendships and connections. It helps our people within our homes develop hope that they can live away from the care home in the future , it helps our community people develop friendships that may not always be open to them. We celebrate the milestones of life such as Christmas , Easter, summer, significant birthdays. Our people drive us to make things interesting and happy for them by their smiles and gratitude. We are privileged to be in this position.
Michelle Martin
Clinical Director

Local businesses are the backbone of our community, at M&D Care we recognise that for a sustainable and strong local economy local businesses need to support each other. Having strong roots in the Carmarthenshire and Swansea areas, M&D Care are proud consumers of a number of local businesses.

We have longstanding working relationships with a huge variety of local businesses, from car garages, to IT support to local tradespeople and catering services, and these are continually developing.

As a local business ourselves, we understand the value of supporting the local community. It is important for us to have an active role within the locality in terms of outreach. We have excellent links with local rugby teams, schools and colleges. Representatives from our Head Office have delivered interactive sessions on careers in care at local schools, and attended careers fares within the area. 

We are proud to be partners with the following organisations:


We are extremely proud of M&D Care’s charity work; we work closely with the Paul Ridd Foundation, a cause very close to our hearts. We also hold a number of charitable events throughout the year for a variety of local and national charities, such as sponsored dog walking and climbing Pen y Fan for Llys Nini and participating in the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

If you have a local business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with some information about your services. Please complete the online below and we will get back to you.