Staff Member Quality Feedback Questionnaire

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At M&D Care, we value what our staff have to say. Your feedback is extremely important to us as it is an opportunity for us to understand your views. We expect all staff to complete this annual quality questionnaire, and this year is the first year the questionnaire has gone online which now means it is even easier to complete!

This questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. If you would like to provide more thorough feedback then please don’t worry if it takes you longer to complete.

Each section of the questionnaire covers a range of different topics regarding your experiences as a staff member. There is also an opportunity on each section of the questionnaire for you to provide your comments. We would really value you completing all of the comments sections to tell us your thoughts.

Hearing about the positive experiences you have or any concerns you may have is very important to us. We are always striving to improve and your feedback in invaluable in helping us do this. M&D Care are continuing to grow and this is an extremely exciting time for us as an organisation, as it means we are able to provide outstanding care to more individuals within our different services. It also means for our staff we have opportunities for you to progress and develop within the organisation. However, we need to know what is important to you to help us understand what you value and need.

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It is really important for us to capture a full understanding of how all staff feel about their role, about M&D Care as an organisation, your Manager and our Head Office Services, such as HR and Finance.

Please note the information provided in this survey will be handled in line with the requirements of GDPR. The information will be treated with sensitivity and will only be viewed by a limited number of Head Office staff. We are required to use anonymised information for our Quality Reports for our Commissioners - this is a requirement of Social Care Wales/Care Inspectorate Wales. As such the data provided in this questionnaire will be used as part of this report. We may also use the comments provided for PR or promotional material.