Steffan Bowen

Managing Director

I provide strategic guidance and direction to the board of directors to ensure M&D achieves its mission and objectives. Prior to this role, I worked as M&D Care’s Director of Operations. I have worked within the care sector for 13 years; working consistently within the field of complex needs and learning disabilities care, but also within some more secure settings.

I am thankful to be able to say that I have worked across all departments within the organisation. I work closely with the Finance and Commercial departments, and regularly liaise with the HR and Operations teams promoting a joined-up approach. As M&D Care’s Managing Director, I feel the way to ensure your business is working most efficiently, is to understand each department and spend time providing support and guidance when moving forward.

I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of M&D Care; growing from one small care home to the organisation it is today. Although we have grown quickly, we have stayed true to our core values.

The success of this company is deeply personal to me. I am very lucky to have worked alongside my mother and fellow Company Director – Michelle Martin for a number of years. Her skills and knowledge have been invaluable to us as an organisation and certainly aided my own development.

We are very fortunate to have many family members, and friends across the organisation who help us share the strong core values the organisation has. We are also very grateful to the staff team who have joined us along the way who helped and continue to develop the organisation.

As a Board of Directors we are really proud that the organisation can offer such a wide range of support options to the people we support.

My goal as Managing Director is to push for further success and quality, ensuring we are providing the best care possible for the people we support. I truly believe that having high support needs should not be a barrier to living independently and this is one of our core values as an organisation.

One of many objectives going forward for the organisation is to continue developing. Whether it’s improving the care we currently provide by consistently looking at our practice and looking at innovative ways to improve further, or by developing our services with further homes and to provide care to more people in need.

When I come into work each day, I feel extremely proud. I can truly say that we have a fantastic staff team, whose skills and commitment to us as an organisation have been invaluable in the organisations progress.