Sarah Morgan

Autism Advisor

I have been in the health and social care industry for many years. It was here that my journey with Autism and learning disabilities began.

My drive and passion for wanting to help others achieve a greater quality of life and embrace increased independence developed from my interest in developing positive relationships with people we support, their families and support staff. I find helping others very rewarding, I strive to embed positive development for each person enhancing their skills and abilities, and it was through this goal, my drive and ambition to seek a career in PBS developed.

I have many years of experience working within the sector. Through commitment and hard work I undertook the BTEC PBS level 5 alongside the QCF level 5 in health and social care management. I am a licensed PBM ABMU trainer, I hold my qualifications in ASC and related conditions, TEACCH, SPELL and Total communication approaches. I thrive on using the Active Support Model, as part of my everyday walks of life for myself and others around me, I always inspire others to be the best they can be. I have supported South Wales Police in understanding ASC and how they can support people in the custody detention suites across South Wales, as a team we won the inclusion award.

I am very passionate about driving others forward however big or small their aspirations are, by improving and being creative, as well as innovative to embrace change through positive interventions.

I am proud to work for M and D Care, I  have never known a company to be hands on from the top down, directors are involved from the word go. My overall aim is to improve services for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health diagnosis, and my values coincide with the company’s values of refusing to standstill.