Ryan M

Assistant Maintenance Technician

I’m Ryan, as the Assistant Maintenance Technician I support Jason, the Maintenance Technician with a variety of different jobs around the homes and services of M&D Care Ltd. I help with painting the spaces inside the homes as well as Head Office. We also paint the building exteriors and garden fences.

During the week, I enjoy the gardening and making sure the outside of the properties look as nice as the inside. I help with the window cleaning and I am always on hand to help Jason with the maintenance jobs we receive.

I really like being part of the team at M&D Care and working with Jason. My favourite task is painting, but I enjoy the variety of things that we do. I also like visiting the different homes and services as I get to see lots of different places.

I work five days a week in my role and I am also supported by M&D Care to undertake different activities on the weekend, such as going to watch the rugby. I enjoy the combination of being able to undertake maintenance tasks during the week and relax on the weekend!