Rhodri Moyle

Training Officer
I came to M&D Care after graduating with a BSc in Biomedical Science. I wanted more experience in the field whilst I applied for post graduate medicine. I had heard numerous good things about the company from family and friends around Carmarthen, with reassurance that they look after their staff. I then applied for a job at M&D care.

A few weeks into support working in M&D Care, the directors approached me and we discussed applying for their Trainee Manager scheme. I was successful at interview and was then fully supported within my new role, with numerous learning opportunities and experiences. All the managers were inspirational and I am grateful to have had them coach me. It was the experiences I gained as a trainee manager that meant I was able to move into a training officer role, delivering induction to all new M&D Care employees.

I believe that the people we support are at the heart of every decision we make. I want the people we support to receive the standard of care I wish my own family to receive. They should have meaning, feel safe and be happy.