Molly Jagus

Marketing Communications Assistant

I previously worked in the education sector as a primary school teacher after twenty five years of only ever wanting to teach and inspire the young minds of our future generation. Upon my move to Wales, for personal reasons I promptly decided on a change of career to something that would harness my skills of communication, creativity and love of people, but also allow for me to look after myself too. This was by far the best decision I ever made and I have not looked back…

I have always considered myself to be a caring person, and somebody who has always had a passion for working with people with learning disabilities. Throughout my teaching career I have spent a considerable amount of that time working alongside a range of SEND pupils and their families.

I joined M & D Care in 2020, drawn by their family orientated approach, passion and understanding. As part of the Marketing Communications team we are here to raise the company’s profile and enhance internal communications. I work closely with Gemma Howells, Marketing Communications Manager, to successfully achieve our goals to ensure that M & D Care stands out above all.