Michelle Martin-Davies

Company Developments Director
I am the founding member of M&D Care Ltd and have worked within the care sector for over 40 years.

I began my career in 1978, at the age of 16. I completed a qualification in social work; however, my passion lay within mental health and learning disability and I became a student working within mental a large psychiatric unit in Carmarthen, where I worked for 14 years.

At the time, St David’s hospital had 1300 beds and was your traditional psychiatric unit of its time. It `housed` people with mental illness, some learning disability and many other conditions. I was privileged to be part of the beginning of community care and the move from traditional hospital to community living.

I qualified as a psychiatric nurse and worked as an enrolled nurse, staff nurse and ward manager, progressing to working within the community.

I progressed my working life in Swansea, where I worked within mental health, learning disability, addiction and forensic services. After five years, I went to work within the medium secure service of the Caswell Clinic, Bridgend working within addictions, inpatient, prison, courts and community. My role was assessing, treating and providing a link to the high secure services of Ashworth, Broadmoor and Bristol women’s prison.

In 2005, I was offered an opportunity to commission two 24-hour nursing services within social care and I left the NHS to work for an Independent service called ALKARE Therapeutics service, based within the area of Swansea.

From this, I learnt a great deal around the setting up of services and with two other shareholders, I set up M&D Care Ltd in 2007; commissioning our first home in 2008.

I am a standing member of Care Forum Wales, representing care home owners on a national level with the Welsh government and regularly advise to independent services around the process of commissioning and project development.

I stand as member of the Learning Disability Ministerial Advisory Group, advising within this as to the needs of the care services within wales.

I have worked as an independent hospital inspector directly responsible to Health Inspectorate Wales.

My role within the company is the Company Developments Director. At M&D Care, we take our responsibility seriously when we talk about our workforce being well trained, fit for purpose and happy in their roles.

All of my roles have been around working with individuals whose behaviour is a challenge through their diagnosis and life experience. I have a passion for making a difference and maintaining care as a progressive process rather than a barrier to `ordinary life`.

I am proud of the work of the M&D Care Ltd team.