Linda Hawkins

Policy Officer
Before my career move to M&D Care in March 2020,I worked for another care provider for over 18 years where I started my career in care as a support worker and progressed to shift leader. I then went to work in the Quality Department of their Head Office. I would still see the people I supported as they would visit the office with staff and they would come and seek me out; this was so special. During my time in this post I provided support to 100 plus services with quality, compliance and safe working practices. During a short space of time in my new role with M and D Care I felt like I belonged here. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and everyone makes every effort to strive to deliver and uphold the company values.

My role as Policy Officer at M&D Care is to contribute to the improvement and quality of the service, by producing/reviewing documents and policies to ensure they remain in line with, and fully comply with, current regulations and legislation; thus helping to maintain the highest quality of care is delivered always. This role involves conducting extensive research into the latest technologies, developments and regulations, share quality assurance systems and best practice across the company and ensuring everyone is aware of our policies and procedures. M&D Care’s policies and procedures line up with the company’s mission, vision and values so are written in a tone and format that reflects our culture and personality. My commitment to quality is extremely high.

In my last role I managed and reproduced all the Statement of Purposes required for the re-registration process of the Welsh homes (to comply with the new service standards and regulations implemented under the Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016), collaborated with all concerned in maintaining the Quality Manual to meet ISO9001:2015 standard and contributed to Investors in People Silver accreditation.

I am passionate about delivering high standards of quality, upholding company values and health and safety. I am committed to assuring and improving the quality of care using every opportunity and means. Policies and procedures are important to the running of the service and to meet the standards expected of it. M&D Care ensure their policies, procedures and quality assurance arrangements are robust and identify current and potential concerns and areas for improvement. Also learning from concerns and incidents is a key contributor to continuous improvement and a strong focus on continuous learning at all levels. This is why M&D Care are such a great company to work for.