Leon Kissick

PBS Practitioner

I have worked within the health and social care sector for several years, and this is where my initial interactions began with individuals with Autism, learning disabilities and associated mental health disorders. The passion and desire I have to ensure individuals have choice and opportunities to develop and become autonomous is a major motivator for me.

Working with individuals and their families to develop professional working relationships and seeing the positive outcomes associated with this is very rewarding. I believe in providing opportunities for individuals to grow and develop their functional living skills to increase independence and self-sufficiency. This is where my passion and desire developed to seek a career in PBS.

I have recently achieved an undergraduate degree in Psychology, as well as an MSc in Clinical and Mental Health Psychology. During this time, I worked as an Applied Behavioural Analysis therapist for three years and this is where I was introduced to individuals who have ASD and other related disorders. I thrive in using the active support model to ensure individuals who have achieved certain functioning skills use them to their advantage. Also, the passion to generalise these functional skills to other areas of life to further improve automaticity and strive to achieve and build new skills.

I am very interested in getting to know each individual we support to establish a therapeutic working relationship. This is the point where suitable and positive interventions can be developed and incorporated into the people we support care to increase positive outcomes.

I am a happy and proud member of M&D Care and I feel everyone shares the same aim, which is to increase the quality of life for the people we support. I feel my ambitions and goals fit well with M&D Care’s core values, that diagnosis is not a barrier, but an opportunity to explore new ways to face challenges and overcome them.