Kitiaria Muldoon

PBS Practitioner

My passion for working with people first developed when I did my a-levels and chose to peruse a psychology degree. I started two jobs working in care while I was doing my degree and this only served to fuel my passion and introduced me to the models of Active Support and PBS. All behaviour has a function and it is our role to support people to be heard, understood, be a part of the community, build their skills, and have a better quality of life. The people I work with are the reason I do the work that I do.

I subsequently completed two postgraduate diplomas in CBT and Adolescent Psychology, and the QCF5 in Health and Social Care in order to expand my knowledge to be able to better support people. I am a PBM ABMU trainer, and I am completing a level five course in PBS and Active Support. I am a graduate member of the BPS under the clinical division. Through my eclectic work history, I have developed experience in working with learning disability, mental health, brain injury, physical needs, and degenerative disorders. I have extensive experience in working with individuals who display behaviours that challenge, and enjoy being able to support them to find better ways of having their needs met.