Lauren Routliff

Crown Street Manager

I currently work as a Service Manager at M&D Care, I have been working for the company since January 2017. I began my career within M&D as a support worker on the western bay team covering Neath port Talbot and Swansea Domiciliary services and following after maternity on my return in 2018 I applied for the senior support worker, on getting this position I pushed myself to best of my ability completing my QCF level 2 and 3 in a space of 18 months to then apply for the position of a deputy manager which I received 2 months after my role of senior. Within a period of working as a deputy within M&D I gained rather a lot of information and knowledge and supported within the company from higher above myself and with this progression I was able to start my QCF level 5 in leadership and management to apply for a position of a service manager which I was given this position to be where I am currently at now. I am passionate about the people we support, along with our staff teams, I want to see people develop and fulfil their potential and achieve success.