Christine Rose

Active Support Consultant
Christine Rose is an Active Support consultant whose work takes her across the UK within learning disabilities mental health older peoples services as well as day opportunities. She has led a successful project for ARC Cymru working across Wales to introduce, reintroduce and or reignite Active Support into Services. She had had a key role in setting the foundations for implementing Active Support in North Wales (Gwynedd), Christine also managed a Department of Health project introducing Active Support to over 30 Services in England. She works alongside academic subject matter experts on Active Support and is in the process of co-authoring the revised Active Support Handbook and other guidance materials.

Christine has presented at conferences and worked in services promoting Active Support within teams in the UK, Denmark, Barcelona, Bahrain and the Republic of Ireland. She’s currently working with M&D Care as a consultant, coach and Interactive Trainer as they implement and embed the Active Support model throughout their company.