Abbi Davies

Head of Service
I am the Head of Residential Services with M&D Care Ltd. I joined the Organisation in 2013 as a Support Worker.

I report directly to the board on the operations and quality standards in the residential services and supported living aspects of M&D Care.

Within my time at M&D Care, I have been a Registered Manager in several homes and worked in the M&D Care Domiciliary Care Agency.

In my 6 years with M&D Care, I have worked with complex learning disability, mental health and worked in the PBS department.

I am a BILD (British Institute of Learning Disability) member. I have responsibility for ensuring that standards are maintained and the organisation. I regularly spend time in the services with the workers focusing on best practices.

I also have Direct Line management responsibility of the Registered Managers in the organisation and spend my week working in all of M&D Cares services.