Interservice Battle Commences!

To get our summer off with a bang, we have launched an inter-service competition, whereby our services will go head to head each weekend to put on the best themed event. This weekend just gone was the first of our battle of the services, whereby four of them went head to head to create the best Glastonbury Festival and Royal Ascot events. The weather was absolutely incredible, with each service being able to get outside. The teams pulled off four fantastic events, with plenty of fun, music, games, food and laughter; it’s going to be hard to judge a winner from them all.

One weekend down, six to go! Let the battles continue!

We’ve had yet another set of incredible weekends for our Inter-Service Competition here at M&D Care, whereby our services have gone head to head for the best themed event. We’ve had six fantastic events; The Greatest Showman, Superheroes Vs Villains and Hollywood Glitz and Glamour, where staff and the people we support have gone all out to impress with plenty of fun, music, games, food, dressing up and laughter.
Another set of battles down, three to go! Let the battles continue!

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