Our First Community Champion!

We are proud to share with you that Simon, on the 5th June, took part in a gruelling and emotional 65 mile charity bike ride, facing all the elements in aid of West Wales Poundies and Greenacres Rescue. Simon has so far raised over £600 for charity. Congratulations Simon on a fantastic effort!
As part of our recently launched Community Champions scheme, which was developed to support charities and community groups in which our employees and the people we support have a shared connection with. We are proud to be sponsoring one of our colleagues Simon John in his pursuit to raise money for two charities which are very close to his heart. On the 5th June Simon will be taking part in a 65 mile charity bike ride in aid of West Wales Poundies and Greenacres Rescue.
Simon and his family help out with the charities whenever they can, with transportation of dogs, collection of bedding and dog food, both charities will never put a healthy animal to sleep. His own 9 year old dog Bonza is a rescue from West Wales Poundies.
We would like to take this opportunity in wishing Simon all the best 👏
Anyone who wishes to donate can do so by clicking here > 

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